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The Launch of "Nephindi 2", Happa's FW 18/19 Collection

The launch of Happa's FW 18/19 collection, "Nephindi 2", The Story of Tharu, that we present through installation at Arbor & Troy, Kemang. Read more to see the hype!

August 21, 2018

Sometimes we need to look back and start fresh to reflect ourselves.

So, on Wednesday afternoon, 15 August 2018 at Arbor & Troy, Kemang; we launched our newest Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection! This collection, “Nephindi 2”, is inspired by our very first collection back in 2011, which took an inspiration from Nepal and India culture. It is a way for us to self-reflect by looking back to our first journey. Now this collection looked up to the beauty of Tharu tribe in the border of Nepal and India, and we try to adapt its culture stories, to interpret the meaning of “self-loving” in this collection.

Tharu tribe comes from the word “Tahare”, which means “stop”. On a halt of a journey to find new territory, a group of people form a culture and it frequently evolved as the time goes by. The changes affected the way they celebrate “Diwali”, which at first it celebrated in sorrow but now they celebrate it with joy, by lighting up candles to represents victory from darkness. By the changes they made, we inspired to reminisce our journey from the past and step into the future through a collection. Without wiping out our signatures, we present the symbols and icons of Nepal and India through native illustrations, lace details, and earth natural colors, which also taken from the colors of Diwali. 

Through this collection, we also want to contextualize and bring culture stories to embrace the diversities and its uniqueness. Thus, to deliver this message, we invited our friends, colleagues, and partners into a showcase/installation for Happa’s launch event of “Nephindi 2”. With a decoration that resembles a street ambience with a touch of culture from the display of our “Nephindi 2” pieces, we symbolize the revival of culture into daily life.

We are so grateful for the kindness that they bring by coming and joining this event. Not forgetting the endless supports they shown through words and coverage, in a hope that it becomes inspiration for many people. Here to take a peek at some articles that generously written by our media partners who came:





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