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Happa Hikaye Spring/Summer 2021

March 31, 2021

Unveiling the look of Happa Hikaye SS21 Inspired by the Folk Dance Festival from Turkey, we are bringing you colors, splashes and rhythm.

Talking about the stories of culture, Turkish people have this amazing bond with folk dances. They celebrate almost all important events in life with a dance. So many diverse cultures in Turkey, so many layers in many forms. From food to weddings to languanges and motifs dancings and songs. Let alone the world, an endless story and inspirations

Music and dancing has always been a part of every culture. Especially in Turkey, dance is an important aspect of daily life. It is common for everyone, man or woman, to go to dance school since they were young. Dancing is a language. In 2 days we're going to present you another culture story from Turkey through a collaboration with @cynthiarnella from @uniteddanceworks.


Here are our dearest #NonaHappa sharing their picture of Living The Stories of Culture

Happa Hikaye SS21 Collection

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