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Meaning of "Textile", from the Eyes of Sarah Beatrice

She chooses textile over fashion design, even though she has no educational background in it. But who would have thought, that thing has brought her to work in Paris.

June 22, 2018

She has no background in textile, but that thing has brought her to Paris, the heart of fashion capital. She possesses specialty in weaving and leather, but she is also competent in many creative fabric techniques such as: laser cut, fur development, and embroidery. Several times, she worked in atelier textile in Paris, set no limit for herself to obtain new skills, and even serve big fashion companies such as Louis Vuitton’s for 2017 fashion show in Japan. When in Paris, she learnt how to make creative fabric samples and present the idea in front of designers to give them such inspiration for next collections. From doing research, drawing sketches, material sourcing, making prototype, and adjusting the product through client’s revision; she realizes that textile development is no easy, but it is fun and challenging. 

But the dream doesn’t stop that way, she has a bigger goal which is establishing her own atelier textile in Indonesia knowing that there is such demand. She wants to get known as weaving specialist because for her, weaving is not only a hobby but also therapeutic. By adding contemporary touch into weaving and macramé (the art knotting cord or string) technique, she has kick-started her own, named Sarah Beatrice Artisan and has been developing textile piece called Sada Bag. For the next 3 years, she hopes she can run project collaborations with Indonesian designers and together achieve something bigger for the advancement of Indonesian fashion globally.  

She lives with a great ambition and idealistic mind, that’s how she outshines others and make her mark in the industry.

“I am such an idealist, when I have something in mind, I must make it into real”