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Sisterhood of the Week: Meta & Meryl Saragih

Meta is straightforward person with strong determination while Meryl is the one with creativity and multitasking skill. Both dedicate themselves to make their lives meaningful.

April 19, 2018

Love and hate sisterhood but still got each other’s back.



Meta: Currently enjoy life with my little family while running a restaurant

Meryl: Build consultant agency named Kreator. Basically, it’s a non-profit organization that focusing on training people and government relation. I am also cofounder of Womandiri, a platform to empower women by sharing experiences.


Meta: I set up a restaurant so I can pour down my creativity into it and I want to spread creative vibes to all walk-in customers. Of course, there is up and down started from the finance, human resource, and my time management. Life is sometimes too hassle with my business and my kid. But over time, I learn how to handle.

Meryl: Womandiri is established because culturally speaking women is the second citizen. That is why I provide this platform to encourage and empower other women. Meanwhile Kreator is built for millennials in Medan to raise their potential. Together we search for life purpose, also collaborate with government and embassy to objectify our missions.


Meta: to maintain working life balance, I set priority scale and be discipline of myself.

Meryl: I make time for family in the morning, before start working. I use to make to-do-list so I know when to exercise, stay refreshed with travelling, and do something else to balance my life.


Meta: I get inspired though my environment which I strongly believe is full of creative people.

Meryl: My dad is my inspiration because he always thinks the impact before doing something.

QUICK QUESTION - Two words for each other

Meta: Meryl is creative and multitask

Meryl: ...And you are my strong and straight forward sister