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Happa in Frame: A Story about Active Living

Never stop actively learning and adjusting, thats her motto. Read more about Mrs. Irma Setyowati's active living and get energized!

April 14, 2018

Never stop actively learning and adjusting, that’s her motto. We feel energized and recharged when we met Mrs. Irma Setyowati. That’s why we invited her for quick interview to hear how she keeps herself productive and still make quality time for her soul. Let’s find out together!

May we know what are you professionally in to?

I have been into finance industry for 17 years. Got my degree in industrial technology then I decided to work in bank afterward. Then, I work in corporate finance sector until now.

If you have to choose, please yourself first or please others first?

Both! I am that type of person who want to prioritize my pleasure and others.

Great answer, can you show us some examples of it?

First, I chose industrial technology because I actually love finance but my parents told me to be an engineer. Second, I love to be expressive but then I combine my edgy outfit with something “normal” for my office attire.

Do you have other passions? Entrepreneurship maybe?

Yes, I love entrepreneurship! I have barbershops, now it has 3 branches in Jakarta.

That’s cool! A corporate worker and entrepreneur. Any others maybe?

I love sports especially Audax (cycling sport) and marathon. I joined Bangka Audax Randonneurs Indonesia last month and now currently preparing for Six Star Finishes – World Marathon Majors.

Sounds very packed! Then how do you afford your work life balance?

Well, it is shown through my fashion. It’s a medium for me to express my uniqueness and release my stress as well. That’s why I love Happa so much! Happa puts uniqueness and a twist into every design works. That's very relieving!

That’s a lot! Thank you so much for your time and stories. Nice to know you!

You are welcome! Thank you for having me