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Summer Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial

Mrs. Hepi H. Wattimena shared her favorite look inspired by Africas sphere, summer sunkissed look.

April 09, 2018

Get to know her story: 7 years in beauty industry, Mrs. Hepi H. Wattimena (instagram @hepidavid) is renowned for her natural flawless makeup. The journey is rocky and challenging but she managed to be vigorous all the time with biggest support from her family and beloved husband. She started her make-up artist profession from the bottom, even must deal with underrated fee and over-demanding clients. But she does not take the hardships for granted. Conversely, she learns from them and eventually make her steps even steadier in this industry. Finally, people understand her signature makeup and automatically think of her when they want a natural look for special occasions such as engagement wedding, even prom night.

In this special day, Mrs. Hepi wants to share her favorite look inspired by Africa’s sphere when the sun burns lightly to your skin and the warmth touches your soul.

Follow the easy steps to get Summer Sunkissed makeup & look:

  1. Warm up your face with foundation, setting powder, and bronzer
  2. Sweep peachy blush
  3. Apply highlighter
  4. Put on orangish / red brick eyeshadow
  5. Apply TheyTalkAbout lipquid, shade Marsala (for reddish-pink color) or Sandstone (for warm taupe-brown color) then put natural eyeliner
  6. To add more burning effect, draw faux freckles on your cheeks
  7. Set the look with setting spray
  8. Wear Happa’s Surma collection to magnify summer ambience

Mrs. Hepi’s outfit: Shango Top & Saharan Scarf