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Happa in Frame: The Power of Liberal Education

May 01, 2018

There is one key that our education must possess: liberal. Do you agree? And will you strive for it like this lady? Read more about her inspiring story.

Sisterhood of the Week: Meta & Meryl Saragih

April 19, 2018

Meta is straightforward person with strong determination while Meryl is the one with creativity and multitasking skill. Both dedicate themselves to make their lives meaningful.

Happa in Frame: A Story about Active Living

April 14, 2018

Never stop actively learning and adjusting, thats her motto. Read more about Mrs. Irma Setyowati's active living and get energized!

April 09, 2018

Summer Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial

Mrs. Hepi H. Wattimena shared her favorite look inspired by Africas sphere, summer sunkissed look.